Mumbai 125 KM – OFFICIAL TRAILER – Karanveer Bhora & Veena Malik – Hemant Madhukar

Mumbai 125 KM – Official Trailer

CAST: Karanveer Bhora,Veena Malik, Vedita Pratap Singh, Aparna Bajpai, Vijie Bhatia & Joy Bebroy.

Directed by: Hemant Madhukar
Produced by: Hemant Madhukar
Production: Light and Shadow Films
Co-Produced: Nishant Pitti
Presenter: Sri Mahatti Media
DOP: Manoj Shaw
Editing: Sandeep Sethy
Sound Designing and Mixing: Leslie Fernandes(LFE)
Story: Hemant Madhukar
Screenplay: Hemant Madhukar
Dialogue: Dheeraj Rattan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music: Manisharma
Music Label: Zee Music Company

Police in Pollywood – Releasing 5 September 2014

Police in Pollywood

Police in Pollywood

Directed by :- Sunita Dhir
Produced by :- Rajinder Gautam & Monika Gautam
Music by :- Jaidev Kumar
Distributed by :- Omjee Cine World
Release date :- September 5, 2014

Cast : Anuj Sachdeva, Bhagwant Mann, Raj Brar, Sardool Sikander, Mani Kapoor, Parmod Mautho, Sunita Dhir, Barjinder Singh Atwal, Preeto, Surinder Bath, Anita Meet, Jagdeep Jaggi, Raghveer Boli


Like the words HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD, the word POLLYWOOD came into existence when Punjabi films created a space for themselves at National and International levels. The theme of the film POLICE IN POLLYWOOD-BALLE BALLE by Gautam Productions is that Police people will now direct and produce Punjabi films. It sounds like as if someone toothless is trying to eat almonds. Think for a while – what will happen to film makers if Police people start making films, because they are used to get every work done forcibly, by the power of a stick. In a gentlemanly way, they cannot offer water to anybody even from the place for free service of drinking water. Poor fellows- they might be good at hearts but they are slaves to their habits.

This film is a situational comedy, full of entertainment, well knit story with family ties and flooded with a variety of interesting episodes. Actor performed imaginatively, giving hundred percent of their potentials. Playing with some such incidents is the story of POLICE IN POLLYWOOD is the acting of BHAGWANT MAAN with perfect unison with RAJ BRAR and SARDOOL SIKANDER. In Romantic Angle you will see ANUJ SACHDEVA (Hanni Fame) and MANI KAPOOR. Guest artists are MOHAMMAD SADDIQUEand LABH JANJUA.

This situations comedy tingles with romantic music given with creative scores by JAIDEV KUMAR. Lyrics that will long keep ringing bells in your ears, are written by BABU SINGH MAAN AND KUMAR.
Dramatically juicy screenplay and dialogues have been written by BALDEV GILL. The story of the film is written by PARVEEN KUMAR. Our cinematographer is the reputed INDERJIT BANSAL. Melodious songs are choreographed by the famous BHUPI and SUNIL THAKUR and beautiful costume designed by SHAKTI SIDHU. Action followed by MOHAN BAGGAD.

This film is directed by Veteran Actress of Punjabi films – SUNITA DHIR. This is her first Directorial venture.

This film is produced by RAJINDER GAUTAM & MONIKA GAUTAM. Again this is their first venture as producers.

This film will prove hundred percentage tests of viewers because of its concept, treatment and presentation. This is not only our trust rather our claim too.

Police in Pollywood

Police in Pollywood (Balle Balle)


Police in Pollywood


Movie : Police in Pollywood

Starring : Bhagwant maan , Raj brar and More

Directed By – Sunita Dhir

Produced By – Rajinder Gautam, Monika Gautam

D.O.P – Indrajeet Bansal

Music – Jaidev Kumar

Lyrics – Babu Singh Maan & Kumaar

Screenplay & Dialogues – Baldev Gill

Editor – Suresh Chaturvedi & Param Dhillon

Release Date – Coming Soon


ARSHO – Dakssh Ajit Singh & Mannat Singh

Starring – Mannat Singh, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Sonia Gill, Shakti Anand and More..

Movie – Arsho
Director – Shapinder Pal Singh
Producer – Dakssh Ajit Singh
Written By: Shapinder Pal Singh & Dakssh Ajit Singh
Background Music – Aadesh Shrivastva
Music – Gurmeet Singh
Lyrics – Dakssh Ajit Singh
D.O.P – Naren Gedia (wica)
Choreographer – Jot Sohal
Action – Pali – Ravi
Costumes – Anirban – Rajesh
Art Director – Sonu Arts

Punjab 1984 – Releasing 27 June 2014





Punjab 1984 is a 2014 Punjabi Historic,Drama, Action film directed by Anurag Singh. The film is based on 1984 anti-Sikh riots and a story of a mother and her missing son. The film will be released on 27 June 2014.

Star Cast

Kirron Kher
Diljit Dosanjh
Pawan Malhotra
Sonam Bajwa
Arun Bali
Rana Ranbir
Manav Vij
Vishwas Kini


Director : Anurag Singh
Producers : Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu & Hansraj Railhan
Music : Gurmeet Singh, Nick Dhammu, Jatinder Shah & Gurmoh
Lyrics : Veet Baljit, Raj Ranjodh, Jagvir Sohi & Dr. Tejinder Harjit
Story/ Screen Play : Anurag Singh
Dialogues : Surmeet Mavi & Anurag Singh
D.O.P : Anshul Chobey
Editor : Manish More
Costumes : Hari Singh Nakai
Photography : Vikram Kohli
Language : Punjabi


Near the holy city of Amritsar, barely a kilometer from the Indo-Pak border, a small village stands like an orphaned child scared of the world around him. The village is called Narli. Every morning, at day break, a lonely old woman leaves her house and travels all the way to the distant town of Bhikhiwind. Once there, she spends the whole day just sitting quietly outside the main police station. She has been following this routine for every single day of the last one year. Her name is Satwant Kaur and she is searching for her son who went out to work in the fields one day and never returned. Her search takes her on a journey across many villages and towns as she tries to discover her son’s fate. It is a journey full of pain, sadness, hope and tragedy. It is a journey that so many mothers across Punjab have undertaken. It is the journey of all of us. It is the journey of Punjab and eventually, it is the journey of all humanity.

Watch Official Trailer

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Arsho – Upcoming Punjabi Movie – Releasing 13 June 2014


Arsho is an upcoming Punjabi film directed by Shapinder Pal Singh , Produced by Dakssh Ajit Singh. The film will be released on 13 June 2014. The Main star cast of the film is Mannat Singh, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Sonia Gill and Shakti Anand.



  • Mannat Singh as Arsh
  • Dakssh Ajit Singh as Deep
  • Sonia Gill as Raavi
  • Shakti Anand as Gammy


Supporting Cast

  • Razia Sukhbir
  • Pavel Sandhu
  • Harjeet Bhullar
  • Manish Bisla
  • Magie Mathur
  • Jaswant Jass
  • Gurinder Makna
  • Satwant Ball
  • Komal

Arsh ‘n’ Deep are star punjabi duet singers and they both share a great chemistry. But this chemistry means something else to their fans and general public. Media also thinks the same way. Yes, of course Arsho is very comfortable in everything when it comes to deep. But deep on the other hand never took this gossip seriously, coz he feels Arsho can never love someone, But he always respect her as an artist and loves to care for her as a good friend. Arsho is straight forward, flawless, full of confident and this makes her character loveable even more when she say in public…


This shows the bluntness of ARSHO. She is addicted to drinking at the age of 12 when she witnessed the death of her mother on stage when she was performing with arsho, But in present ARSHO is a stage burner and she rewarded by her fans in such a way that now she has everything in life. Just love is not there…

Deep always looking for a first sight love which he never felt in Arsho but raavi loves the subtleness in Deep when she met him along with arsho during an interview on the shooting set of Arsh Deep’s next music video project. But deep was shocked when Raavi refused his proposal of marriage inspite of that He is a successful singer, yes you are right, Arsho was the reason behind everything.

When Raavi said I Love You to Deep on the new year’s eve, it meant everything to deep he could not ask for anything better in that moment. Arsho on the other hand is feeling lonely and helpless on the stage when deep suddenly left the show, Drunken Arsho creates a kiosk in public and decides not to sing anymore with Deep.

Gammy was waiting for this moment for so long, as he is a unsuccessful rich brat who is trying to become superstar of punjabi music industry just like arsh ‘n’ deep. He always wanted to create a misunderstanding between the leading pair just to crack the ice. And finally, he gets a chance to sing with arsho which also gets wasted by his melody less voice. He finally plans a conspiracy, which leads to pre climax action packed sequence where Gammy shot dead.

All the major electronic and print media is here as ARSH ‘N’ DEEP are formally announcing the break up as far their musical career is concern. But everyone gets stunned when Arsho finally decode the conspiracy she planned in the past by saying


Because at this point of time she actually realized that She will never gonna have love in her life. She was alone she is alone and she will be alone. Coz deep has already planned his future life with raavi in Australia. So.. life can be really hard hitting some times, as it played with ARSHO.. After spending 5 years in the jail and murder conspiracy,



Arsho Movie Trailer

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Arsho – official Trailer – Releasing 13 June 2014


Arsho Movie Trailer

Starring - Mannat Singh, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Sonia Gill, Shakti Anand and More..

Movie - Arsho
Director – Shapinder Pal Singh
Producer – Dakssh Ajit Singh
Written By: Shapinder Pal Singh & Dakssh Ajit Singh
Background Music – Aadesh Shrivastva
Music – Gurmeet Singh
Lyrics – Dakssh Ajit Singh
D.O.P – Naren Gedia (wica)
Choreographer – Jot Sohal
Action – Pali – Ravi
Costumes – Anirban – Rajesh
Art Director – Sonu Arts

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